Writing Samples:

City of Lawton – Press Releases, flyers, letters, brochures

Press Release – WMCE Radio Changes to JAZZ FM (16 KB)

KCCU Newsletter (1) (1.06 MB)

KCCU Newsletter (2) (861.23 KB)

Press Release – Christmas Lyrics (190 KB)

Press Release – August Jazz Specials (190 KB)

Donor Letter (373.11 KB)

Prospect Donor Letter (432.42)

New Media Communication Center Brochure (20.42 MB)

Audio Work:
StoryCorps – These are examples of the nearly two dozen local StoryCorps programs I produced, edited, and aired at KCCU radio. All of the stories were edited on Adobe Audition.
Here is Diane Barton who is a registered nurse from Duncan, Oklahoma.  She talks with her son Jonathan Hooks about what it’s like to be a nurse for hospice and the emotional pain in taking care of a particular patient – Jonathan’s father. 

13 year old Zachary Legrand talks to his father Steve, an Air Force pilot.  The two talk about Zachary’s grandfather Pops and his time in the Marines during World War II.

A mother-daughter conversation – reflecting on the struggles of life and death.  Here is Wendy Doman of Duncan, Oklahoma with her 13 year old daughter Raquel.

79-year old Albert Johnson Sr. reflects back to the days when he was a high school principle for an all black school during desegregation.



Dana Stone and her Father Walter Adams talks about his trip in 1977 to Washington D.C. during the Farm Strike – The American Agriculture Movement.


Cynthia and Gilberto Sosa talks about his life in the U.S. Army and how it saved him from a life of crime.


TV Samples:

Feature TV News
General Reporting TV News

Spot TV News

Radio Samples:

KCCU On-Air – Worked as the Program Director for KCCU Radio from 1991 to 2007.  This is an example of hosting the local Morning Edition during the station’s membership drive.

WMCE Promo 1 – Worked as the General Manager for WMCE Radio from 2007 to 2012.  This is an example of station promos for the all jazz radio station.

WMCE Promo 2 – Another example of a station promotion done at WMCE Radio.